Now Sound Mark can be Register online under Trade Mark Rules 2017 in India

In India trade mark act related to trademark in India was the (i ) Trade Marks Act, 1940 which had similar to the UK Trade Marks Act, 1938.

Other mile stone in the history of trade mark was Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958 with changed by the the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and is the present trade mark procedures operated through Trade Mark Act ,1999.

In the Act of trade mark 1999 , logo , name , signature , mono , punch line can registered as per the procedures  .

In 2004 Yahoo Inc has presented his claim for Trade Mark Registration of his jingle “ yodeling the word yahoo.” But that time there was no such registration before this but as per provisions of trade mark Act 1999 , department of the trade mark has registered the “Sound mark ” of the Yahoo.

The news rules of the Trade mark 2017 has implemented from the 6th march 2017 with some amendments in the rules and give the provision for registration of “ Sound Trade Mark in India ” through online filling on .

For the registration applicant have to provide the MP3 file  along with application and appropriate fees .

Following mentioned “Sound marks ” registered in India –

  1. ICICI Bank – (Corporate jingle – Dhin Chik Dhin Chik)
  2. Britannia Industries ( bell sound)
  3. Yahoo -(Human voice yodelling Yahoo)</>
  4. Cisco – (Tune under  conferencing service Web Ex)
  5. Nokia – (Guitar sound for switch on / off )


The best option and tool to appeal the customer is sound and if it is in form of catchy jingle more appealing to the customers , like the jingles are very easy to identify the trade mark and brand name like Amul ( Elkale  pakali delicious ) etc and other jingles like Cadbury  are identity of the companies .