Trade Marks / Service Mark

What is Trade Marks / Service Mark ?

Registration of Brand Name, Headings, Labels, Names, Signatures, Words & Letters, Numeric and Alphabetic Expressions, Logo / Mono / Sign of the Firm etc . which is ultimate Identity of your business . Example- Goodraj for steel wardrobes, Coconut oil “Parachute” and Vegetable oil as “Dalda”. In these matter the brand names has become identity of product and layman understood the products with brand names only. which represent as ™ and ®, it is any sign which can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another. A sign includes words, logos, colours, slogans.


Difference between Trade marks and Service Mark


Trade marks and service mark both are similar and operated through same act in India, The Registration of Trade Mark Act,1999 . Trade Mark is registration of trade mark / brand name for goods only . the registration of service marks is for Service provider industries –like Hospital, Restaurants, Hotels, Educational Institutions, School, Colleges, Universities, Talkies, Amusement Parks, Banks, Couriers, Banking,Beauty Parlors, Sliming centers, Health Care, Security, Manpower Services, Advertising Agencies, Telecommunication, Automobiles, consultancy services, Testing Labs, Transports, Cargo, Computer Programming & other Services. which represents as sm of ® .