ISO Certification Ahamdabad – ISO 9001, 18001, 14001, 5001, 13485, 22000, 27000 Bodies Certification Consultants

Ahmadabad is the Hub of diversified Industries like Large , Micro , Small and medium scale industries of various types. A large number of industries related to textiles, chemicals, machinery, metal products, pharmaceutical, engineering, plastics, electrical appliances, electronics, passenger cars etc. are located in the district 12 main Industrial Estates, 12 Special Economic Zones, and 10 Industrial Parks/Developers in Ahmedabad district.
We have our office at Mumbai & Jaipur where we deals in whole state of the Gujrat .
We are pleased to offer our services for consultancy ,Auditing & training for Certification of International Standard Organization , I.S.O. 9001 – 2015 , 14000 , 22000 , OHS 18000 and implementation and / or Improvement in Quality Management System (Q. M. S. ) in your organization / institution . we are also providing training , awareness programm , In-house Documentations ( Pre- Assessment to Internal audit) , also arrange 3rd party audit ( external audit from accredited auditing agency ) as per requirements & instructions from your organization / Institution .
In area of Quality Management System ( QMS ) we offer our services as under :


• Pre Assessment for Internal Audit .( Gap Analysis ) : Before proceeding for Certification of ISO . Organization have to assess their existing Quality Management systems ( QMS ) which are available in your concern and what type of Implementation / Improvement is required for Certification ?
• Implementations of I S O Standards : If these implementation of I S O Standards are required to improve existing a Quality Management System , then we will suggest what type of corrective actions are required
• Internal audit ( 1st Party Audit ) : internal audit Quality assurance and management System ., Training for Internal Auditors and to Management Representative .
• Corrective Action and Preventive Actions : after implementations , during internal Audit , if any deficiency / non – conformity is found in existing QMS ., then what types of corrective actions and Preventive actions are required to avoid Recurrence of deficiency or Non – conformities ?
• Second Party Audit ( audit for Sub-contractor or vendors of organization ) If required : This Audit is voluntary and relevant to the Party who is engaged in outsourcing / Job works .
• Third Party / External Audit : This final audit is conducted after implementation of all Standard norms and Elements of ISO 9001 : 2000 , audit is conducted by Auditing body Accredited by IRCA / authorized auditing body , third party audit agency can be selected by your Organization if desired .

Benefits of ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification :

ISO standards Provide a wide range of Benefits to your organization / institutions like :
• Systematic Quality management of core business processes .
• Trained Staff for QMS .,
• Improved productivity and quality of Products and Process .
• Improved internal communications .Systematic Documentation and Departmentation .
• Reduce Wastage and deficiency of Products .Passport for global Business , and deals in International Market .